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 "Shrooms 2 Grow"                        WE Know and Grow Mushrooms

 Shiitake,  Oyster,  and  Wine Cap mushrooms farm raised organically in a natural setting.  Wild harvested Oysters, Lions Mane,  Woods ear,  Chanterelle,  Maitake,  Turkey tail,  and Reishi.


Hi I am Beth Gayden the owner and operator of  "Shrooms 2 Grow".  I have been a wild mushroom hunter for years for edible gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  A few years back I had an over abundance of Chanterelle Mushrooms  I had hunted in the Appalachian  mountains and thought how nice it would be to find a market for these.  Owning a micro farm in Franklin County North Carolina and wanting to have a home based self employed business that could benifit the local economy, health and well being of our future; I decided to start up a mushroom growing business.  So 2 years ago; 2013, I started with Shiitake spawn from Field and Forest products and several kinds of oyster mushrooms inoculated  into hard wood logs.  Last year; 2014, I took a class with the NC department of Agriculture and NC A&T University on Shiitake mushroom production.  Signing up with a program that promotes shiitake mushroom agriculture in this state, I am now at a full time production business.  Marketing to private individuals, restaurants, and farmers markets.

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